UV-265 foldable bactericidal box creates aseptic life, a new way of life

At the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus raged, and so far, it has caused more than 1 million deaths worldwide. Based on the safety of human life, our company has developed and designed a UV-265 sterilization and disinfection box that everyone can use and is affordable. It can kill more than 99.9% of pneumonia bacteria within 5 minutes. It is economical and practical and reasonable in price. Everyone can have. 



UV-265 LED ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization box is a portable folding sterilization box, safe and environmentally friendly, with a sterilization rate of more than 99.9%, does not leak light and does not hurt the eyes, and is the nemesis of bacteria.

 Mobile USB charging, move as you want, support USB interface, with a power switch to ensure that the UV sterilization light will never be exposed, and it will never hurt people’s eyes and cause vision damage.


 The sterilization effect has passed authoritative certification and the effect is guaranteed. The UV-265 sterilization box passed the certification of Taiwan SUPER LABORATORA Co., Ltd in June this year, which proved that it has a sterilization power of more than 99.99% and can completely kill pneumonia bacteria.

The UV-265 sterilization box will take care of the health of you and your family before the novel coronavirus is under control.

(Test report number: M61-200601387EN)

Company website:https://www.searchlight-henlin.com/






Post time: Nov-27-2020