Application of UV LED flashlight

Censor 365 UV flashlight goes on sale September 18, 2016
Since its launch, UV flashlights have been well received by customers. At present, it has been widely used in fluorescent leak detection industry, degreasing cleaning industry, cleaning verification industry, non-destructive testing industry.

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Application of UV LED Flashlight:
UV curing: UV adhesives cure quickly.
Polymerization: can accelerate chemical polymerization.
Clean room dust removal inspection: It is very convenient to perform dust removal inspection on the surface of clean room equipment.
Fluorescent leak detection: Fluorescent leak detection for engine lubricants, air conditioners, water tanks and hydraulic systems.
Fluorescent tracer: A fluorescent tracer that can be used to inspect piping systems such as sewage and rainwater systems.
Fingerprint detection: Fingerprints generated by fluorescent substances can be seen in the court laboratory.
Grease detection: Use ultraviolet light to excite the fluorescence of grease-like substances to detect oil stains on workpieces.
Sanitary inspection: Since human fluids and other tissue biological pollutants are the source of bacterial reproduction and odor, the use of ultraviolet light is a good way to conduct corresponding sanitary inspections.
Arson investigation: The fire department can inspect the scene of a suspected fire because chemical flammable drops on walls, furniture and carpets can be found under ultraviolet light.
Document inspection: Use UV fluorescence detection to identify documents such as driver’s license, passport, and credit card.
Sexual Offence, Child / Marital Abuse Investigations: Makes sexual fluids glow and reproduces faded bruises.
Car theft detection: Reveals fluorescent evidence on 3M vehicle identification number labels that have been illegally removed from car parts.
Car accident analysis: Judging the speed of the car by displaying the fluorescent traces of the odometer pointer after walking after the collision.
Counterfeit banknote identification: Like UV lamps used by banks around the world, the US Security Services also trusts it.
Fake fire alarm investigation: The fire treatment department, school administrators, and prison administrators mixed our imaging powder with mineral oil and applied it under the fire alarm handle.
Ticket re-entry (re-admission) control: For this application, our visible sign fluorescent ink and UV lamp have been used for inspection agencies, racetracks and entertainment venues, swimming pools and parks for 40 years, and other places where entrants need to be confirmed again .
Theft prevention: Visible marking using theft prevention becomes a simple procedure.
Clean Validation: Riboflavin validation for pharmaceutical companies can easily excite bright fluorescence.

Post time: Dec-30-2019