Amphibious searchlight, waterproof and pressure-proof professional survival flashlight

How bright your flashlight is, how bright the road will be.


If you want to search for people in need of rescue in the mountains, search for people falling into the water in the flood at night, search for victims in the earthquake ruins, and illuminate things under the water, you need a high-brightness flashlight.

Sometimes you need to use a flashlight in the downpour

Sometimes your flashlight will accidentally fall into a puddle or river.

Sometimes you need to use a flashlight underwater. For example, if you want to illuminate the bottom of the water, for example, if you want to dive in the deep sea, such as taking a picture with a waterproof camera while diving, you need a high-brightness photographic light source to assist. At this time you need a deep-sea waterproof flashlight searchlight with ultra-high brightness.

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SLD3050 waterproof searchlight has excellent sealing in every detail, IP68 waterproof, impeccable searchlight without water leakage, and can withstand use in 70 meters deep water under pressure.

A super flashlight can make up for the shortcomings of the mobile phone’s built-in flashlight.

It has enough brightness, not worse than car headlights. Mounted on a bicycle, it can light up the darkest roads. (Note: If you are cycling on the road, do not shoot long distances, so as not to dazzle the driver on the other side.)

It has enough heat dissipation capacity and a powerful enough battery to be used for a long time. It can be used in any environment, whether it is hiking or search and rescue, whether it is rain or deep sea diving.

SL30/50 amphibious searchlight is your best choice for outdoor camping and deep-sea diving

Post time: Dec-16-2020