Wavelength 365 flashlight, high-intensity UV inspection light, applied to dust detection in clean rooms

  1. Dust detection in clean room, and identification of ink
  2. Ink and UV glue curing, nail beauty
  3. Check marks, blood traces, fingerprints and investigations at the crime scene
  4. Hunting treasure hunt, ore field and tunnel exploration
  5. Leak detection of air conditioning and automotive circulation systems
  6. Anti-counterfeit identification, banknote identification,antique identification of precious stones
  7. Leakage inspection of special gas and oil and gas pipelines
  8. The fluorescent reflection of special insect plants

Product Detail

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Model Censor 365
Lamp Super UV LED 10W x 4
Power Output 1 ~40W Adjustable power
Wavelength 365nm
UVRadiant Flux 13,360mW(Max.)
Lighting time 2.2 hrs. (40W)
Battery Panasonic Li-ion Battery 3200mAh
Charger Input IP : AC100-240V
Dimensions 190x83x83 mm
Weight 970 g

■ Specification

  • Censor 365
  • High power, long life UV LED
  • Japan Panasonic NCR18650-BD Li-ion Battery
  • 15 minutes before the battery is exhausted, the LED warning light will flash automatically
      • IP55 daily waterproof design

Censor 365

  • Charger and Li-ion battery
  • Japan Panasonic NCR18650 BD high battery rechargeable lithium battery
  • Charger input voltage: AC100-240V
  • Charging    :  red light

Full charge :  green


  • Direct lighting transformer


  • Night light

Night light


  • Tripod fixing hole
  • Electric monitor
  • Press the battery display button to know the lithium battery power (Lithium battery cannot be displayed in the lighting)

Electric monitor

  • Power adjustment button

Power adjustment button

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