100W high power HID searchlight, beam distance 2.3KM, high lumen remote control military strong light searchlight

  • 1.HID 35~100W Adjustable Searchlight
  • 2.AC100-240V Adapter
  • 3.DC12~30V Cigarette Lighter Power Connector
  • 4.Remote Control Project
  • 5.Diffusion Filter Lens
  • 6.Shoulder Strap
  • 7.Waterproof Plastic Case





Product Detail

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Model SL-100
Power Output 35-100W (power adjustable)
Lamp HID Xenon lamp 3000Hrs.
Color Temp.(K) 4200K
Luminous Flux (Lm) 3200Lm(35W) ~ 9100Lm(100W)
Battery Type Panasonic Li-ion battery 149Wh
Light time (hrs-) 3,8hrs.(35W) ~ 1.5hrs.(100W)
Beam Range 800m(35W) ~ 2280m(100W)
Beam Pattern Spot to flood 1~40 degrees
Remote control project On/Off switch + power adjustable + flashing light
Charger Input AC100~240V
Charging Time 5 hours
Dimensions L296 x W140 * H154mnn
Weight(Light only) 2.5 KG

■The Introduction of Products

SL HID Searchlight
   ★.35~100W 10-stage power adjustable.
   ★.Built-in Panasonic rechargeable lithium battery 149Wh.
   ★.Adjustable focus: flood←→spot.
   ★.AC100~240V Adapter.
   ★.DC12~30V power cable for continuous operation.
   ★.Wide Angle Diffusion Lens.
   ★.Battery power electronic display.

       a.Using the digital display, the residual power can be clearly displayed.
       b.Power adjustable segment display.
       c.10 minutes before the battery runs out, flash"Lo warning.
   ★.Remote control device remote:control ON/OFF switch,flashing light and power adjustment.
   ★.Tripod for holding the search light.
   ★.Dustproof and waterproof design: IP65.
   ★.ON/Off main switch:When you turn off the main switch,the searchlight shouldn't be charged and could hold one year.

◎ Diffusion filters
   ★.Flood filter (white) Widens beam to full flood.
   ★.Ptional red, yellow, blue and green filters.

◎ Remote control
   ★.②:Start flashing.
            1/flashing/ 10 times, 1 time/0. 5 second.
   ★.③: Reduce power.
   ★.④: Increase power.
   ★.1 remote control can be set to control multiple search lights at the same time
(set up before shipment)

 DC12~30V cigarette lighter power connector
   ★.It could connect all kinds of vehicle for lighting.
   ★.It is only for lighting not charging.

■Optional Accessories

Plug-in Li-ion battery pack (AC charger)
   ★. Panasonic Li-ion battery 97Wh or 149Wh.
   ★. lighting time:30W:2.4 / 4.2Hrs. , 35W:2.0 / 3.1Hrs. 50W:1.5 / 2.6Hrs. , 70W:1.1/ 1.9Hrs.
        Charge time:5.0 hours.
   ★. LED battery capacity indicator.

     ●Red : 20,40% power,battery needs to be charged.

     ●Green : 60,80,100 power.
   ★. Water proof design.
   ★. Attach connecting wire.

 HP-20A:Special Adapter (Optional)
(can lighting and discharge at the same time)

   ★.Specifications : IP/AC100~240V,OP/DC 20v 8V.
   ★.Input AC100~240V to light and charge li-ion battery at the same time.

◎ DC12V cigarette lighter charger
   ★. It only use for charge and don’t use for lighting.

3 in 1 auto battery exchanger
   ★. Red:battery ready be discharged.
   ★. Capable of attaching 1~3 Li-ion battery simultaneously.
   ★. Automatically detec the next available battery pack and continue to supply power to the searchlight.
   ★. Provide uninterrupted power for up to 9.0 hours.(35W) , 5.4 hours.(70W).
   ★. Attach connecting wire.

3 in 1 auto battery exchanger

Aluminum tripod stand
   ★. Extended to 100cm and fold to 43cm.
   ★. Can set up floodlighting in crime scene when white flood diffuser is fitted.

Basic color diffusion lens: Red,Yellow,Blue and Green.

Filter lens 115mm:

Infra Red filiters:It could be used in lighting at night.

Finger print and Dust detection lenses: Greatly enhance fingerprint traces and footprints.

‧Ultraviolet filters:These help identify fingerprints,blood deposits,minerals and counterfeit bank notes.

Protein Filter:It have special wavelehgth to detect human protein,urea,semen DNA and so on.
Main Application : The Police Inapection,Chime Investigation.

■Operating Features and Instructions for Use

Operating Features and Instructions for Use

Main power switch
 ★.If you are not using it, be sure to fully charge the lithium battery,
then turn off the main switch and store it.

 ★.When all the buttons of the search lamp fail to be used,the lithium battery may be protected.
     1.Unprotect the battery immediately by charging it.
     2.After inserting the charger, if the LED charging red light is not bright for more than 10 seconds,
it means that the battery protection board is not unlocked,and then repeat the two actions of plugging
and unplugging the charger or dialing the main switch until the protection board is unprotected.
The red LED charging light is always on.
 ★.If the battery cannot be recharged and the battery cannot be unprotected,
the battery may be faulty. Please contact the dealer immediately.

External power input hole

 ★. Connect IP: AC110 ~ 240V OP: DC20V8A Special adapter Search light can simultaneously light and charge internal lithium battery.
 ★. Connect IP: AC110~240V OP: DC19.5V2.5A charger, Can only charge, can't light.
 ★. Using the vehicle power supply, connect the DC12~30V cigarette lighter power connector , only lighting can not be charged.




  1. If the search light is not used, please charge the internal lithium battery and turn off the main switch to store it.
    If it is stored for more than one month without closing the main switch, the internal lithium battery will be powered off due to excessive self-discharge. ( not covered by the warranty).
  2. When the lithium battery is over-discharged and the battery protection board circuit is activated, the LED charging lamp has no action. At this time, an external AC charger is required to charge, and the protection circuit is automatically released.The LED charging lamp will be constantly lit and the red light represents charging. If there is no red light,it means that the protection has not been successfully removed. Please plug in the charger and test it several times.If it has not been released, please return it to the sales office for repair.
  3. Do not continuously turn ON/OFF the switching power supply several times, which will cause the HID system to detect the bad signal and automatically power off protection. Wait a few minutes and then turn it on, or turn the main switch on and off several times to return to normal lighting.
  4. Be sure to turn on the main power switch before turning it on or charging.

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