About Us


Founded in 1995, the company is a professional manufacturer of tactical flashlights, LED germicidal lamps, UV flashlights, HID military search lights and other electric light source products research and development, design, production and sales of limited liability company. The company adheres to the business tenet of ensuring quality, adhering to credibility, and all serving users. With practical skills and scientific management as the foundation, all products enjoy a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance services.

The Chinese processing plant Henlin Optronics Shaoxing Shangyu Co., Ltd was established in 2008 in Zhejiang Province, China.


Qualification certificate: All products pass very strict and completed test ballast is qualified in both America and Europe standard.

Perfect service: All products are guaranteed for one year.


The 2020 10W laser flashlight SP-1 will be on the market as scheduled, with a beam distance of 1.5KM and a net weight of 128 grams. It has officially obtained an order from the armed forces of a certain country in March 2020.


As a result of the raging novel coronavirus at the beginning of the year, more than 1,000,000 people worldwide have died as of September. Based on the safety of human life, our company developed and designed a portable folding sterilization box in April, with ultra-high sterilizing power UV265nm ultraviolet wavelength, which can sterilize masks, mobile phones, keys, chopsticks, etc. to prevent touching The virus enters the body to infect. This sterilization box passed the test of Taiwan SUPER LABORATORACo.,Ltd Testing Center in June, and confirmed that it has more than 99.99% sterilization power and can completely kill pneumonia bacteria. (Report number: M61-200601387EN)


Laser 10W flashlight developed successfully with net weight 128g and beam distance 1km. and Officially launched in June 2019,and the New Style XE-150 searchlight, power 50~150W adjustable, beam range 1~5km, launched on schedule in the next half year.

HID35~100W top remote control searchlight was successfully developed and is scheduled to be listed in the second half of the year.
LED 0~40W UV flashlight is scheduled to be listed in July.

HID 35~100W stepless adjustable ballast developed successfully.

The design and development of LED small industrial UV flashlight.

Successfully develop UPH 80/120 powerful search lights and COB personal portable explosion-proof lights,
it will be listed at the end of the year.

Because of the SARS infection, our company successfully developed a new type of portable personal sterilizer DUV-5.

Developing the 100W searchlight, the illumination distance can be more than 2500M, and it will be put on the market in 2013.

The success of the new li-ion battery 26650 development. When apply it to the new Hid searchlight, it makes the lighting time doubled if fitted in the same type of searchlight.

Successfully developed SLD-24 light for diving, and got the certification of IP68 (underwater 70M).
In response to the concept of green energy, energy conservation and 
carbon reduction, we developed the streetlamp with high efficiency and high luminous.

Success fully developed SLD-24 new products: SL-2030, HL-3050, SL-3570.
Making a great achievement of sales.

We start to develop high power HID by using BPS adjustable function and applicant to general house lighting and other special usage.
In the second half of 2008, we focus on the developing of 10W/20W low 
power HID small torch. 50W/70W high power search torch which is designate by military in certain countries.

Using BPS adjustable digital system function in developing 30W/50W HID long distance search light and 20W/30W HID personal light weighted search light.
And we also successfully developed various kinds of lens,
eg ultraviolet lens, infrared lens, lens for finger and footprints,blood drops and other lenses needed in criminal investigations.
We also developed light for vegetable's growth and bring 
the search light into a new field of technology exploration.

Successfully developed the BPS adjustable digital system, adjust the output watt, changing the intensity of illumination freely.
And we also 
gaining patents in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea.

Developing 1-to-2 ballast, making the Hid headlight for car becoming reasonable and popular.

Successfully bring two type of products to market, the Hid 50W xenon lamp and military/police searching light.
Making sight distance wider and safer.